March 17, 2017

Pray for just, compassionate resolution concerning immigration policies

Criterion staff report

Recent changes to immigration policies and enforcement procedures in the United States have heightened the fear for some families within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis that family members could be separated or their lives could be endangered due to deportation. Pastors and school officials have noted the increased anxiety and concern among immigrants and refugees in their communities.

In unity with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the other four Catholic dioceses in Indiana, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis continues to ask everyone to pray for a just and compassionate resolution to the immigration issues facing our country.

“The Catholic Church in the United States has always been an immigrant Church that has worked to answer Christ’s call to welcome the stranger among us,” said Msgr. William F. Stumpf, archdiocesan administrator of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. “There is widespread acknowledgment that the current immigration system needs to be reformed, but as the U.S. bishops have said, we need to find a way to fix the system and respect the God-given dignity of all of our brothers and sisters.”

Msgr. Stumpf was elected archdiocesan administrator on Jan. 9, and will oversee the day-to-day operations of the archdiocese until Pope Francis names a new archbishop for the archdiocese to suceed Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, who was appointed archbishop of Newark, N.J.

“I am proud of the archdiocese’s long history of welcoming newcomers as our neighbors within the 39 counties of the archdiocese,” Msgr. Stumpf said. “For more than 40 years, our Catholic Charities office has been providing help to immigrants and refugees, and we will continue to do all we can to offer them the pastoral care and respect they deserve.”

More information about the immigration and refugee services provided by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis can be found on the archdiocesan website at†

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