October 7, 2016

Letters to the Editor

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St. John Paul II and the gifts of the Holy Spirit

With the universal Church observing St. John Paul II’s feast day on Oct. 22, I ask all people of faith to consider the following:

With St. John Paul II in the Lord’s presence with all that that means, let’s refer to him as being not the late, but the “Great,” for he listened to wise counsel from his earthly father when he was a young Karol Wojtyla and potential saint as we all are.

Karol’s father taught him the following prayer, and Karol’s life shows that he took it seriously and not as the word of man.

Oh, Holy Spirit, I ask for the gift of:

  • Wisdom—that I may know you and your divine perfection better.
  • Knowledge—that I may be guided in life by the principles of faith.
  • Understanding—that I may understand better the spirit of the mysteries of the holy faith.
  • Counsel—that I may seek and always find your counsel in all things.
  • Fortitude—to keep me inseparably with you, undaunted by fear of worldly attachments.
  • Piety—that I may always serve your divine Majesty with a son’s love.
  • Reverential fear of the Lord—that I may dread sin which offends you, oh my God.

And we ask these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

- Larry Mahl | Batesville

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