August 5, 2016

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from last week:

Archbishop’s columns, insights on marriage are on the mark, reader says

I would like to let your staff and especially Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin know how much I—and I’m sure countless other readers of The Criterion—have been enjoying his columns and insights on the subject of marriage.

I greatly agree with the archbishop about how friendship strengthens love in marriage, and how he describes what love is and what love is not. I could not agree more with his and Pope Francis’ take on the importance of three words—“please, thanks and sorry.”

Husbands and wives need to be friends. They must never take each other for granted, and they need to take time to stop and smell the roses in life and to remember that little things mean a lot.

On the topic of children being a gift from God, I could not agree more. My wife Siming and I have three—Valarie, Lillian and Ava—and we are all members of St. Christopher Parish in Indianapolis. Parents have the duty and the responsibility of passing on the faith, morality and values to their children to carry on as they mature through the years.

I am looking forward to the archbishop’s upcoming columns on parents, and especially on the role that mothers play in the world we live in.

Sept. 1 will mark the 25th wedding anniversary of my wife and me. We were married in her hometown of Shanghai, China.

Two weeks before we were married, after a Mass that evening, the priest met with us and said a few points that I am sure Archbishop Tobin and your readers would agree with: “Marriage is a holy event.” “Abide by your promise to each other.” “From now on, live in harmony,”

He continued: “Make sacrifices to each other.” “Love and respect each other.” “From now on, you are no longer two but one.”

- Mark Hummer | Indianapolis

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