August 5, 2016

Message to freshmen: High school is a time to get involved, strive to improve

By John Shaughnessy

Here are some other pieces of advice that high school seniors want to share with incoming freshmen to help them make the most of their high school experience:

Become the person you want to be. “High school is all about building your character and flourishing into the person that you want to be,” says Jonathon Anderson, a senior at Roncalli High School in Indianapolis.

“I have gained confidence, motivation and vision from my experiences. I just recently started a windshield repair business, and hope to grow that over the course of my senior year. I am also very excited to work for Habitat for Humanity in Morgan County this year.”

Challenge yourself academically. “If you try to coast, you’ll do fine, but if you push yourself to take harder classes, you may find things you want to do the rest of your life, and you’ll learn that you can push yourself,” says Jack Lockrem, a senior at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis.

Create positive relationships with your teachers. “Be friendly with your teachers. Create a positive relationship with them,” says Jack. “Talk with them after class and casually joke with them—outside the classroom. I have found that having those kinds of relationships with teachers has helped me expand my horizons, and helped me narrow down what I want to do with my life.”

Get involved. “Sports, clubs, programs, student council, prom committee—I have been involved in many of these, and I do not regret it one bit,” says Carson Hambrick, a senior at Father Michael Shawe Memorial Jr./Sr. High School in Madison. “It has helped shape me into the person I am today by giving me leadership and social skills.”

Learn outside the classroom. “While on the math academic super bowl team, I learned extra math skills, and our school’s Right to Life club has taught me more about the importance of life,” says Jacqueline Kennedy, a senior at Father Thomas Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis.

Always strive to improve. “Even as I head into my senior year, I plan on continuing to try my best, keep involved and become a better person than I was last year,” Jacqueline says. “The goal is to keep improving in every way that I can.” †


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