July 22, 2016

What was in the news on July 22, 1966?

Racial tensions, the war in Vietnam, clerical celibacy and a deficit for Catholic high schools

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the July 22, 1966, issue of The Criterion:

  • Pope makes appeal for airmen’s safety: Norms cited by pontiff in address
    • “CASTELGANDOLFO, Italy—Pope Paul VI has made a direct and strongly worded appeal to the North Vietnamese government to give U.S. prisoners ‘safety and the treatment provided for by international norms.’ He asked that in every case where the terms of these norms may be obscure a ‘more favorable interpretation and application, which the sentiments of a generous and merciful humanity can suggest’ be given. The pope’s latest intervention on behalf of world peace came July 20 during his first weekly general audience since he moved from the Vatican to his summer villa here in the Alban hills. It followed by only several hours a French News Agency dispatch from Peking quoting North Vietnamese Ambassador Tran Tu Binh as declaring that captured U.S. pilots will be tried as war criminals since his government does not consider them prisoners of war under the terms of the Geneva Convention.”
  • Jesuit is named to WCC staff
  • Priests, nuns aid: Church helps to ease Chicago race tension
    • “CHICAGO—As the West Side of Chicago was torn by disturbances involving teenage gangs, the Catholic Church played an important role in restoring law and order. Immediately after the disturbances began [on July 13] priests and Sisters in the area took to the streets urging people to return to their homes and keep calm. On Friday morning, three days after the outbreak started, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, called an emergency meeting at the Palmer House Hotel of about 100 prominent representatives of government, the Church, business, labor, community organizations and news media. … Catholic Archbishop John P. Cody was one of the main speakers.”
  • See joint research in theology
  • Parish quotas listed: High school deficit tops $400,000 mark
    • “Marion County parishes will share a $407,900 deficit in the operation of six Catholic high schools during the past school year, ending June 30.”
  • Novitiate to suspend operations
  • Clinton parish burns $200,000 mortgage
  • Given top post at St. Vincent’s
  • ‘Silent and permissive’: Why the Dutch bishops are slow to act
  • Father John Courtney Murray: Stresses the role of tradition in the workings of Vatican II
  • Ann Elder teaching art at Barat College
  • ‘Summer Breeze’: Interfaith program high school prelude
  • Urges GI recruitment for chaplain corps
  • Teacher, student join cancer fight
  • Christ the King wins CYO swim title
  • Action is winding up in baseball, softball
  • ‘Time out’ program aids nuns
  • Vatican daily hits bombing of Hanoi
  • Holy Spirit Festival to lift the lid today
  • Letter ‘suppressed’ in Spanish journal
  • Archbishop rakes labor over coals
  • Many Japanese are still bitter over A-bomb, Hoosier reports
  • 22 Providence nuns note golden jubilee
  • Says clergy celibacy for Church to ‘judge’
    • “UTRECHT, The Netherlands—While the Church can alter her laws concerning priestly celibacy from one era to another, it is for the Church herself and not individuals to be the judge, Cardinal Bernard Alfrink said here. Speaking at the ordination of 22 subdeacons, the archbishop of Utrecht said that ‘at this moment the Church asks her priests to accept celibacy of their own free will.’ ”

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