July 8, 2016

What was in the news on July 8, 1966?

The Vietnam War, birth control issues and, Christians exiting the Holy Land

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the July 8, 1966, issue of The Criterion:

  • Keep Vietnam war within moral limits, Card. Shehan pleads
    • “BALTIMORE—Cardinal Lawrence Shehan of Baltimore, in a pastoral letter on ‘Peace and Patriotism,’ warned that proponents of an all-out war in Vietnam are growing stronger, and are pressuring the U.S. into decisions which the ‘Christian conscience cannot endorse.’ The Archbishop of Baltimore asserted that ‘those who argue against restraint and against keeping a nation’s war-making acts within moral bounds are likely to win an ever greater hearing when casualties mount and war threatens to grow in intensity. If we are to resist such lethal appeals to our understandable impatience,’ he said, ‘we must constantly recall that only on moral grounds can our cause in Vietnam be just. If our means become immoral, our cause will have been betrayed.’ ”
  • OEO is stepping up birth control efforts
    • “WASHINGTON—The Office of Economic Opportunity, familiarly known as the War on Poverty, apparently is moving into a more aggressive phase in its sponsorship of birth control programs for the poor, in the estimate of observers here. A memorandum by OEO director Sargent Shriver, and distributed within the agency, emphasizes that there is ‘absolutely no hesitation’ within the OEO to approve family planning grants.”
  • Catholics, Methodists, ‘break ice’
  • Dutch Catholicity—what makes it tick?
  • Announce pastorate exchanges
  • Carmelite novena will begin tonight
  • Birth control decision won’t be sensational
    • “ROME—The secretary general of the Papal Commission on Popular, Family and Birth Problems, appearing on Italian television [on July 4], said that nothing sensational should be expected from Pope Paul VI’s anticipated pronouncement on the subject of birth control. Swiss Dominican Father Henri De Riedmatten appeared on a taped interview. During the interview, he said that the pope’s decision will be ‘well thought out and will take into account all aspects of the problem.’ ”
  • Teacher shortage critical
  • Editor of new conservative journal out to break ‘liberal stranglehold’
  • Poignant letter of Czech priest describes life behind the Curtain
  • Eight Catholic observers named to Geneva parley
  • Editorial: Day of the Hawk
  • Ask parishes to help solve urban problems
  • Lourdes golfer wins tourney
  • CYO names committee for public relations
  • Outdoor dance set for tonight
  • Father Roger Huser named provincial
  • Pontiff blesses new transmitters
  • Three-day fiesta is open tonight at Holy Angels
  • Two new opulent films feature Sophia Loren
  • Agree on merger of seminaries
  • Charges Christians are being ‘squeezed out’ of Holy Land
    • “LONDON—Christians are being squeezed out of the Holy Land by the Jewish and Muslim majorities in Israel and Jordan, and their plight is ignored by the rest of the world.”
  • Permanent deacon in Australia
  • Rap liberal views: Report Spanish bishops bar Catholic Action program

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