July 1, 2016

My Journey to God


We are American; we are diverse; we are strong; we are free…
Do we really know what that means?
Our FREEDOM we defend is a God-given gift.
God’s goodness will help us to see.
The FREEDOM we enjoy is something great…
It’s far greater than freedom itself.
We hold up our flag to let the world see,
With freedom we have much wealth.
Abundance of opportunity, liberty and land…
These gifts are given to unite.
The prosperity we have is given for all.
They were not meant to start fights.
God’s gift of FREEDOM dwells within…
And no one can take it away.
When Christ was born into this world,
God’s FREEDOM was here to stay.
God’s FREEDOM overcomes oppression!
FREEDOM’s love conquers false pride!
This FREEDOM was born through Jesus!
All fears FREEDOM does subside!
As a nation we stand, but through God all are one.
FREEDOM knows no separation.
We must join together with FREEDOM and faith.
And thank God for His great creation.
This Independence Day let us remember with joy:
True FREEDOM was born through Christ, as a boy.
God’s FREEDOM was given for you and for me;
To uphold and to share…May the whole world be free!

By Gayle Schrank

(Gayle Schrank is a member of St. Mary Parish in Navilleton.)

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