March 25, 2016

Letters to the Editor

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No reason to ‘rejoice’ about Vice President Biden receiving Laetare Medal from Notre Dame, Criterion reader says

I was disappointed to read in the March 11 issue of The Criterion that Vice President Joseph Biden was one of two who will be honored on May 15 with Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal. (“Notre Dame to honor Biden and Boehner with 2016 Laetare Medal”).

In the meantime, the local bishop, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, said the controversial choice of Biden could “provoke scandal” by giving the impression “that one can be a ‘good Catholic’ while also supporting or advocating for positions that contradict our fundamental moral and social principle and teachings.”

Bishop Rhoades went on to say of Vice President Biden, “I also question the propriety of honoring a public official who was a major spokesman for the redefinition of marriage. The Church has continually urged public officials, especially Catholics, of the grave and clear obligation to oppose any law that supports or facilitates abortion or that undermines the authentic meaning of marriage. I disagree with awarding someone for ‘outstanding service to the Church and society’ who has not been faithful to this obligation.”

“Laetare” means “rejoice,” but this further Notre Dame scandal gives serious Catholics little to rejoice about.

Let us all keep Bishop Rhoades, as well as Vice President Biden in our prayers.

- Ron Greulich | Fortville

(Editor’s note: A follow-up story about Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades’ reaction to Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal decision appears on page 9 of this week’s issue of The Criterion.)

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