February 12, 2016

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from five weeks ago:

Reciting Hail Mary a good practice for extraordinary ministers of holy Communion

It’s of note in one church where I attended Sunday Mass that the extraordinary ministers of holy Communion, arriving at the altar to distribute the holy Eucharist, pressed the nozzle on a bottle of antiseptic lotion onto their hands, and gently rubbed them prior to giving Communion to the recipients.

The medical world emphasizes handwashing with a germicide before dining, preparing meals or greeting other folks with your handshake. Now the length of time you rub your hands is critical for the diminution of bad bacteria.

Recommended by secular advisers is to sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself and when you finish, sufficient time will have elapsed to lessen the bad bacteria lurking on your hands.

However, not belonging to the seculars but rather to holy mother Church, I’ve done some experimentation. The Holy Spirit must have guided me because I discovered that taking up the same amount of time as the birthday song was one recitation of a Hail Mary!

- Joseph Mucha | Pittsboro

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