December 18, 2015

My Journey to God

The Christ Child

Conceived by the Holy Spirit,
He humbly entered the world he made,
As a single cell in the womb of the Virgin Mary.

According to a blueprint ordained by his father,
He formed and grew in this warm and safe environment.
In a few short weeks his tiny, tiny heart began to beat,
And kept its rhythm until that day on Calvary.
In due time his brain, his nervous system, his organs
All formed and grew until fully complete.
He was then born into a waiting world.

Heaven and Earth rejoiced.
Angels filled the heavens with glorious songs.
Lowly shepherds hurried in from the fields
And rejoiced “to see this thing that has taken place.”
Kings laden with gold, frankincense and myrrh
Journeyed from afar to pay him homage.

Let all creation give thanks. Our Savior has come.

By Hilda Buck

(Hilda Buck is a member of St. Lawrence Parish in Lawrenceburg.)

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