December 4, 2015

My Journey to God

The Peace of God We Sow

We are sowers of God’s peace.
We are bearers of God’s Word.
May our efforts never cease
‘Til the earth God’s Truth has heard.
May our voice His Reign increase.
We are sowers of God’s peace.

Peace unlike the world can give
Lives in us, our hearts contrite.
“Seek forgiveness and forgive.”
Words of pardon, love and light.
Love to light the path we trod
As we sow the peace of God.

May our sowing serve to yield
Gifts and fruits a hundredfold.
Glory ever more revealed
To our young and to our old.
Womb to tomb His love will grow
As the peace of God we sow.

By Ken Ogorek

(Ken Ogorek is a member of St. Pius X Parish in Indianapolis and is director of catechesis for the archdiocese.)

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