August 28, 2015

Family’s goals capture spirit of dream trip

When Marc and Jen Konesco started their dream of having their family of five sail the ocean for 17 months, Marc wrote 15 goals for their “adventure-service journey.”

  1. To have the Lord lead us and focus on his will for the rest of our life, fully trusting that his hand is leading the journey.
  2. To find clarity on how to provide for my family [after] the trip and my next career path.
  3. To just be.
  4. Carefree timelessness with our family.
  5. Allow our kids to see things outside the “bubble” of suburbia.
  6. To serve others by directly serving or inspiring others to pursue their dreams.
  7. To have and live a sense of adventure with our family.
  8. To become seasoned sailors and to be comfortable in sailing our boat anywhere in the Caribbean.
  9. To form deep personal relationships with our kids and to have a minimum of three-times-a- week of one-on-one time with each.
  10. To teach our kids what Jen and I think they ought to be taught.
  11. To catechize the Catholic faith to our kids and have them be inspired to love their faith.
  12. We want ourselves and our kids to live outside our comfort zones and live life to the fullest.
  13. To appreciate nature and particularly the ocean to its fullest.
  14. To meet a variety of people.
  15. To achieve a dream, and to teach our kids to dream big and pursue those dreams. †


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