August 7, 2015

What was in the news on August 6, 1965?

Pope urges Catholics to trust in the Church, and laity’s role in the civil rights fight

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the August 6, 1965, issue of The Criterion:

  • Trust in the Church, pope urges Catholics
    • “CASTEL GANDOLFO—An active and prayerful interest in the ecumenical council and confidence in the Church’s leaders were urged by Pope Paul VI in an address at a public audience here at his summer residence. Addressing his comments to both progressive and conservative elements in the Church, the pontiff called for ‘greater docility and humility’ in accepting the doctrine and discipline of the Church.”
  • Cardinal Shehan: Outlines laity’s role in civil rights fight
    • “MIAMI BEACH, Fla.—The prime obligation of working ceaselessy on behalf of civil rights falls upon the laity, Baltimore’s Cardinal Lawrence Shehan asserted here. Addressing the 55th National Conference of the Urban League, the cardinal acknowledged that the obligation belongs to all citizens, including priests and religious. But priests and religious, bound by vows and other obligations to ecclesiastical authority, do not have the same fullness of freedom possessed by the laity, he added.”
  • Raps clergy in Chicago race action
  • Collegians display ‘social awareness’
  • Prayer brings jail sentence
  • Lady of Grace nuns to modernize habit
  • A look at secular institutes: ‘Laymen have harder life than religious’
  • ‘A fantastic situation’
  • Looking for solutions: Latin America bishops attack social problems
  • Recorded calls denounce archbishop
  • ‘Peace council’ urged by prelate
  • Oldenburg slates investiture, vows
  • Does expense of moon race make sense?
    • “Father Karl Rahner, S.J., one of the world’s leading Catholic theologians, recently voiced doubts about the ‘moral implications’ of the race to the moon. In an interview with Father Eugene Bianchi, S.J., published in the Jesuit weekly, America, he said that it might be ‘moral vulgarity of a low order’ to spend billions on a space flight when we are faced with a worldwide problem of hunger. …. If, instead of providing these humanitarian services, we spend $30 billion on a spectacular flight to the moon, [Seymour Melman, professor of industrial engineering at Columbia University] asks, ‘Won’t we and many millions of people throughout the world wonder: What sort of society is this that could devote so much wealth to so trivial a purpose?’ ”
  • A vote for working mothers?
  • U.S. birth total still declining
  • Marian to expand faculty this fall
  • Image of the Church changing in Denmark
  • Says Church must bear ‘burden of conscience’
  • Take civil rights lead, King urges Catholics
  • Steps urged to end Church segregation
  • Priest spurs housing drive
  • English Jesuits closing college
  • Draws ‘life’ term in beating of nun
  • High schools oppose laymen as principals
  • Property ownership by Church defended
  • Bishop Sheen: Catholics seen more ‘mission-minded’
  • Seeks new Indian Mass rite
  • Catechists need knowledge, virtue, pontiff stresses

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