June 5, 2015

What was in the news on June 4, 1965?

Archbishop Paul C. Schulte’s 50th jubilee of priesthood, world population growth and norms for joint worship

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the June 4, 1965, issue of The Criterion:

  • Archbishop notes 50th Jubilee; Mass set Thursday at Cathedral
  • A word from the Archbishop
    • “Thursday, June 10, will mark for me the end of the first 50-year cycle of the priesthood. It is but fitting, therefore, that I should pause in an act of gratitude to Almighty God for the many graces He has bestowed upon me and my priesthood during the past half century. Accordingly, I shall celebrate a Solemn Pontifical Mass of Thanksgiving in the Cathedral, Thursday afternoon, June 10, at four o’clock. Although this will be my own personal public expression of thanks to God, I would be happy to have you join with me. During the past 50 years, my path has crossed those of thousands of noble Catholic men and women. Very frequently our paths converged, and I found them walking shoulder to shoulder with me loyally and generously, helping to carry the burden that my priesthood and episcopate laid upon me. To them go my heartfelt thanks with the assurance that they and what they have done will be laid upon my altar of thanksgiving next Thursday afternoon.”
  • Southern bishops’ statement asks justice, charity for all
  • Rome plans delegation to UN meet
  • Providence head will be honored
  • Ordination scheduled for Batesville native
  • No changes expected in family plan norms
  • Doctrine of justification is discussed
  • Vatican spokesman: Warns against haste on population issue
    • “GENEVA—A Vatican spokesman, appearing at a meeting of the 18th World Health Assembly, declared the Catholic Church is not indifferent to the problems of birth regulation, but he warned that generalizations regarding a solution might do more harm than good. At the same time, Father Henri de Riedmatten, O.P., suggested that it would be helpful to have an international body to advise nations on population problems. He said such a group should not deal in theory alone, but should give ‘scientific advice on practical issues insofar as they come within the realm of science and medical practice…’ Father de Riedmatten gave his address a few hours before the World Health Organization (WHO) announced here that it would supply birth control information to any member nation wishing it.”
  • Report: Padre Pio resuming his work
  • Marian graduation scheduled June 6th
  • Widow to take nun’s vows
  • Australia bishops announce norms for joint worship
    • “SYDNEY, Australia—The Catholic bishops of Australia have set guidelines permitting Catholics to participate in some joint worship services with non-Catholics, but generally at places other than churches. In directives issued at the end of their annual meeting at the end of April, the bishops permitted Catholics to be best man or bridesmaid at non-Catholic weddings, approved joint prayers at public functions, weddings and funerals, but cautioned against the possibility of indifferentism caused by the breaking down of denominational barriers.”

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