January 30, 2015

My Journey to God


I’m going to get burned.
I’m going to
Forget all that I’ve learned.

And then,
Sparks fizzle out
I’m faced with the doubt.

This arsonist.
Setting painful fire to me
Just so they
Don’t have to face reality.

And instead
Of getting down on my knees
I try to stand tall
But I let the fire consume me.
Why can’t
I escape the devastation?
I just can’t
Find any kind of salvation.

But it’s as if
Out of the thick, heavy black
I see your face
And I know you’ll take me back.

You’ve lit
A fire inside the cold.
You’ve given me
something permanent to hold.

Even when
I’m lost and feeling ashamed
I’ll thank you Lord
For you’ve blessed me with this flame.

By Kayla Streicher

(Kayla Streicher is a member of St. Barnabas Parish and a senior at Roncalli High School, both in Indianapolis. She wrote this poem while participating on her senior retreat in September of 2014.)

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