January 23, 2015

What was in the news on January 22, 1965?

Pope asks for patience with liturgy changes, a call for immigration reform and a petition to explore the ordination of women

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the January 22, 1965, issue of The Criterion:

  • Pope asks patience with liturgy changes
    • “VATICAN CITY—Pope Paul VI, addressing pilgrims at his midweek general audience, admonished the Catholic faithful to be ‘docile and have trust’ in adjusting to the new changes in the mass requiring more active lay participation. He reminded them that the changes, set forth in the Constitution on the Liturgy approved by the Second Vatican Council, would become fully effective on March 7, the first Sunday of Lent. ‘We must all,’ the Pope said, ‘modify the mental habits we have formed concerning the sacred ceremony to be simply a performance of outward rites and that in practice no more was required than a passive and distracted attendance.’ ”
  • Quota system opposed: Catholic leaders urge immigration reforms
    • “WASHINGTON—Two of the nation’s chief Catholic spokesmen in immigration affairs lined up behind President Johnson’s program for sweeping overhaul of the country’s immigration laws. Bruce M. Mohler, director, Immigration Department, National Catholic Welfare Conference, said the national origins quota system ‘long since has become outdated.’ Elimination of the system is the heart of the President’s program.”
  • Clergy shortage answer? Why shouldn’t women receive Holy Orders
    • “NEW YORK—‘Tradition is not an insuperable obstacle even in the Catholic Church’ and ‘it seems inevitable that the question of the ordination of women in the Catholic Church will be raised sooner or later.’ … ‘One can only hope,’ [Mary Daly in The Commonweal] wrote, ‘that it will be given fair consideration and that those who are too prone to give specious arguments will think seriously of all that is involved. In an age in which there is a crying need for priests in many countries, it is possible that the exclusion of women from Orders will have tragic consequences. In any case, the ambiguity concerning the status of Catholic womenan ambiguity concerning the status of Catholic womenan ambiguity in which anachronistic ideas and practices meet modern realities in head-on collisioncannot continue without increasing harm to women as persons and to the Church as a society.’ ”
  • Cardinal Gerlier dies at 85
  • Bishop John Carberry named to Columbus see
  • Experiment with nuns’ habits to end in June
  • Central purchasing plan being studied
  • Vatican paper backs ‘new look’ for nuns
  • Episcopal choristers slate demonstration
  • Belgian experiment: Week-end activities in the parishes part of updated seminary format
  • Don’t be hasty in judging Pope, observer advises Protestants
  • Voice concern over commission on marriage
  • Magazine sues bishop, diocesan newspaper
  • Spanish approved in Mexico Masses
  • Protestant prayer set for Masses for Unity Octave
  • Bishop-elect couldn’t prove his ordination
  • Discuss plans to popularize Bible-reading
  • Sees peril in trend to common worship
  • Archdiocesan TV station approve
  • ‘Catechetical crisis’ is seen by lay editor
  • Ethiopian Conference is cancelled
  • Urge admission of Red China
  • Stage is ready for Style Show this Sunday
  • Nuns donate rings to poor
  • Bribed away from religion
  • Ecumenism is seen as ‘everybody’s job’
  • President’s critics draw prelate’s fire
  • Early action pledged on aid to education
  • Raps press on coverage of council
  • Change urged in law on school attendance
  • Pope shows trust in UN
  • ‘Non-Catholic Rome’: Council of Churches headquarters is center of world-wide dialogue
  • Stresses need to base devotion to Mary on sound theology
  • Farm labor crisis aired for Senate
  • Marian expanding Evening Division
  • Diocesan school post to layman
  • Peace medal goes to Bishop Wright

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