January 16, 2015

My Journey to God

That We May Have Life

“That they may have life, I came.
Have life fully by my Name.”
Life abundant. Life complete.
Life’s own Gospel to repeat.
Voice of love in times of death.
Word of God who shares His breath.
Sense of peace amidst the strife.
“I came that they may have life.”

In our mother’s womb, you knew.
Taught us, formed us as we grew.
Varied in ability.
Nourish us with charity.
‘Til our time of natural death.
Still we’ll share your living breath.
Bathed in sanctifying grace
When we see you face to face.

Through the darkness we’ll be led
By our Body’s living Head.
With our Triune God above
We will build with words of love.
‘Though our culture speaks of death,
Christ will give us living breath
Life’s own Gospel to proclaim:
“That we may have life He came.”

By Ken Ogorek

(Ken Ogorek is a member of St. Pius X Parish in Indianapolis and is the director of catechesis for the archdiocese. This song/poem is based on the text of John 10:10 and paragraphs 703, 1023 and 1997 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.)

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