January 16, 2015

What was in the news on January 15, 1965?

Priorities for the coming session of Vatican II, and federal involvement in family planning

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the January 15, 1965, issue of The Criterion:

  • Top council priority given liberty schema
    • “PHILADELPHIA—Archbishop John J. Krol of Philadelphia said here the first thing the ecumenical council will take up when it convenes on September 14 for its fourth session will be the controversial declaration on religious liberty. The Philadelphia archbishop listed the council priorities and the work to be done in the fourth session during an interview here following his return from Rome, where he took part in a meeting of the council presidents, the council coordinating committee and the council secretariat (on Dec. 30). After the religious liberty declaration is discussed, he said, the council will turn its attention to the greatly rewritten schema on the Church in the modern world. He said this schema was chosen for early discussion because its length would indicate that many amendments may be still suggested by the council Fathers.”
  • Women ask changes in canon law
  • Less talk, more action fourth session outlook
  • Maryland tax ruling: Church exemptions held constitutional
  • Church-World schema to get layman’s touch
  • Benedictine nuns named to mission
  • Two Indianapolis men to be ordained Sunday
  • Brothers’ School director named
  • Conclusion of text of ecumenism decree
  • Moral responsibility seen as nun’s trademark
  • India Catholics top 6.5 million
  • School tax law aids Catholics
  • Plan public diaconate rite
  • 64 percent of Americans are church members
  • Dead Sea Scrolls to be shown in U.S.
  • Gary Diocese, Church Council set unity prayers
  • Requiem offered for Bishop Arnold
  • St. Joan of Arc and Holy Name in Quiz finals
  • ‘Hooligans’ draw wrath of pontiff
  • Leave ‘safety islands,’ Sisters are advised
  • Women’s units to aid Job Corps program
  • Interfaith panel set for DCCW meeting
  • Order announces move of philosophy school
  • Inform Congress of rural problems, farmers are told
  • Thwarting suicides ‘routine’ for pastor
  • Church growing in Hong Kong
  • Vocations are up in Philadelphia
  • Publish summary of third session
  • Casals plays musical tribute
  • Greater federal involvement in birth control issue seen
    • “WASHINGTON—Federal involvement in birth control programs is on the upswing, and the Gallup Poll has reported strong public support for easy distribution of information on how to limit family size. These two developments seem to point to increased debate on the issue in Congress this year, and to confirm recent predictions by a top State Department official. In October, Richard N. Gardner, deputy assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs, said the federal government thought population growth and its control was rapidly becoming a subject that could be discussed freely, in sharp contrast to the situation of only a few years ago.”
  • Historic conclave held in Ethiopia
  • Meeting scheduled on architecture
  • Affirm law’s primacy, pontiff urges nations
  • Benedictines request Office in vernacular

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