December 12, 2014

After 68 years of marriage, couple’s love continues to grow

E.J. and Lauretta Kurek (Submitted photo)

E.J. and Lauretta Kurek (Submitted photo)

By John Shaughnessy

The journey of marriage and faith for E.J. and Lauretta Kurek started as a romance during World War II.

Their love continues to grow, as a note from E.J. shows.

“We are an old couple in our 90s,” he writes. “Ours was a wartime romance. She was a rock-solid Catholic, I an agnostic willing to ‘jump through the Church hoops’ for her love.

“When the ship returned home from the war, we got married and enjoyed a six-month honeymoon in sunny California while I groomed the ship in readiness for the next war. We returned home in June 1946 to begin married life which has endured 68 years so far, and has produced six living children. We are now trying to keep count on the children of our children’s children.

“Even after three years of marriage, I couldn’t understand her enthusiasm for novenas and women’s club meetings. Then I made my first retreat with the ‘jolly’ Franciscans. I had never heard men praying in unison nor experienced spiritual camaraderie. I entered that weekend a closet agnostic and emerged a religious ‘fanatic’ which I have been since. Now, the tables were turned, and it was she who wondered at my Church activities.”

At their age, the members of St. Thomas More Parish in Mooresville describe their life now “as being in the VIP departure lounge, waiting for our flights to be called.”

“The TV is on a lot,” E. J. notes. “We favor old reruns and EWTN [Eternal Word Television Network], which is very hot currently on the new evangelism. My wife has many questions about this development. It is all too ‘Protestant’ for her. But a little kid solved the issue.

“Did you see the TV shot where Pope Francis is addressing an outdoor audience, including some children? A tyke emerges, making himself at home at the foot of Pope Francis who doesn’t miss a beat. The boy even tries the papal chair, but suddenly drops to the foot again and hugs the pontiff’s leg! That’s my wife’s relationship with Jesus! I may have faith and hope, but she ‘owns’ love!” †

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