November 21, 2014

John Ruckelshaus receives first ‘Joseph Tobin Award’ for fatherhood

John Ruckelshaus was honored for his role as a father during the Oct. 10 Dad’s Day event at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis.

Ruckelshaus is the first-ever recipient of the “Joseph Tobin Award—Father of the Year,” an annual award that the Cathedral Dad’s Day program has named in honor of Joseph Tobin, Sr., the late father of Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin.

Similar to programs at other high schools, the Dad’s Day program at Cathedral brings together fathers and their children once a month at the school to share breakfast, listen to a speaker and develop their bond.

“I am very humbled by this award, knowing there are many other fathers more deserving,” Ruckelshaus said. “Fatherhood is a commitment, and the greatest investment one can make to the next generation.” †


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