September 26, 2014

My Journey to God

In God’s Embrace

In order to come into God’s embrace
You must grow ever closer to him
This proximity will enable you to feel His love
And emotionally fathom His unselfish compassion.

In God’s embrace Jesus can enter your life
The Holy Spirit can guide your good work
Within God’s embracing love you spiritually grow
And expand both your knowledge and in action.

In God’s embrace you can seek out the needy
Minister to the hungry and the homeless
Feed the spiritually hungry through evangelization
Champion the unborn and guide parental acceptance.

In God’s embrace we can serve our Church and the Lord
We can be examples of faith and of service to all
To be teachers and spiritual mentors to the young
To see Christ in the faces of all whom we meet.

In God’s embrace we can seek the virtue of humility
And seek restraint of speech in all situations
Become good stewards of both Church and the Earth
Involve ourselves physically in all that benefits humanity.

In God’s embrace we accept our mortality as a beginning
Begin our faith journey to grow closer to God
Accept the pathway to eternal life with those who preceded us
His embrace will lead us to him to live in the heavenly realm.

By Thomas J. Rillo

(Thomas J. Rillo is a member of St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Bloomington and a Benedictine oblate of Saint Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad.)

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