July 18, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Newcomers should assimilate to our language and culture, reader says

I have some questions regarding the editorial in the June 27 issue of The Criterion, “The changing face of our family of faith.”

When did it change in the U.S. from the new person assimilating into the culture of their new country to their new country having to take on their culture? What is the point of leaving the old if you want to change the new to it?

Why send our seminarians to Mexico so they can help to do this? Why not have the seminarians work extra at teaching the new people the beauty of the American language, and what it really means to be American as well as a Catholic in this country?

We have no need to develop resources in Spanish. We have a rich history of welcoming those who sincerely want to come here to better their lives and those of their families. What has happened over the last decade is that instead of welcoming them into our house, we are now expected to change our house to accommodate them.

I disagree, and I truly feel we do them no service by not allowing them the opportunity to see what a rich, diverse and wonderful culture we have because of the merger of all cultures over the years.

I agree we must reach out to all in Jesus’ name, but I do not agree it has to be at the expense of our rich history.

Political correctness can go too far, and when that happens, all suffer.

- Barbara L. Maness | Vevay

Like St. Thomas More, take time to pray for our leaders every day

Regardless of one’s stance on the efficacy of our president, it is quite clear that all devout Christians have the duty to pray for all our leaders.

Recall that St. Thomas More prayed fervently every day for Henry VIII, who had him beheaded.

- George Herman | Highland Park, Ill.

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