February 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Securing borders is first step in immigration reform

This letter is in response to John F. Fink’s editorial (“The cruelty of U.S. deportations”) in the Feb. 21 issue of The Criterion.

Securing protection of our borders is putting both immigrants and citizens’ human dignity and well-being primary.

The opening statement of the bipartisan immigration reform passed by the U.S. Senate concludes by saying: “All parts of this Act are premised on the right and need of the United States … to protect its borders and maintain its sovereignty.”

If this reform theory is based on protection of its borders and sovereignty, logic makes it reasonably clear that the first priority is securing our borders from illegal entry. As a nation, we have the right and responsibility to make our borders safe. Why?

  • To lock entry of one more illegal;
  • To protect citizens;
  • To reconcile and shelter existing illegal immigrants;
  • To provide safety for both citizens and illegal immigrants.

The opening statement of the Senate reform bill also reads: “We have a right, and duty, to maintain and secure our borders, and to keep our country safe and prosperous.”

It places this statement in a hierarchical position, and then follows with this statement: “As a Nation founded, built and sustained by immigrants we also have a responsibility to harness the power of that tradition in a balanced way that secures a more prosperous future for America.”

Again, logic makes it reasonably clear that the power of this tradition would honor order, law and protection of their nation they founded.

Protecting the border is again given a hierarchical positioning and then is followed by to establish clear and just rules for seeking citizenship, to control the flow of legal immigration, and to eliminate illegal immigration, which in some cases has become a threat to our national security.

We must secure our borders before we can establish clear and just rules. We cannot control the flow of legal immigrants without border control. Illegal immigration will perpetuate profusely and create continual chaos until we secure our borders.

Syllogistics requires securing our borders as essential, and the first step before we can develop comprehensive immigration reform.

- Gary Taylor | Salem

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