February 21, 2014

What was in the news on Feb. 21, 1964?

Discussion about receiving Communion under the form of both bread and wine

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the Feb. 21, 1964, issue of The Criterion:

  • Pope stresses relationship of parish priest to flock
  • Religious persecution: Haiti ousts all Jesuits, closes major seminary
  • Interracial Council opens drive
  • Msgr. James P. Galvin named to pastoral post
  • Shared time under study in Chicago
  • Wins ‘loving cup’: Brebeuf Prep scholar off on ‘moon shot’
  • School fire law hassle brewing in St. Louis
  • Three Protestants given papal award
  • English version of pontiff’s book due off the press
  • Conscience, authority seen mutually dependent
  • Layman is named to chancery staff
  • Education display planned for Fair
  • Legion praises ‘Becket’ movie
  • The liturgy reform: Why Communion under both species?
    • “What will the Mass of the future look like? How soon will all the changes decreed last December by the Second Vatican Council become a matter of ordinary parish practice? The answer to the second question is impossible to give. … The other question is easier. … Some changes are obvious enough. … More complex was the council’s solemn decision to restore, at least for certain special occasions, Communion under both kinds or species. In effect this means that, once a new ritual is given approval, Catholics will have some opportunity to receive Communion not only under the appearance or form of bread but also under the form of wine. This is a restoration: it is a recovery of something lost. … In past ages, the question concerning Communion under both kinds was: Is it necessary? Is it essential? And the Church’s answer was no. Today the question is different: Is it desirable? Is it profitable spiritually? And the Church’s answer, given by the pope and the other bishops, is yes. … The [times when this practice may be used] may seem rare; this is no widescale return to ancient practice. But it is a beginning and, at the very least, it shows the willingness of the Church to attempt a renewal.”
  • Eastern Rite prelate asks mutual movement
  • Raps ‘loaded question’ in birth control poll
  • Chauffeur gets papal honor
  • Raps critics of schools
  • Former Anglican is named bishop
  • Table tennis tourney to open play Sunday
  • Exert social impact, Catholics are told
  • Priest rents wedding gowns
  • Parish is holding Bible Devotions
  • News Service gives report on Radziwill marriage
  • 42,990 Cubans are relocated
  • Pope Paul honors NCCW president
  • Voice of authority seen primary need of Protestantism
  • Steady progress noted on new encyclopedia
  • Pre-Cana conferences slated at New Albany
  • Cincinnati nuns to ‘update’ garb
  • Fair to exhibit replica of Apostle’s tomb
  • President at St. Louis: Asks education ‘for all’
  • Bishop defends schools
  • Chatard and Ritter name athletic heads
  • Decries lax morality of youth

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