February 14, 2014

My Journey to God

Thank you God

Friend, you are a blessing to me,
God made manifest in my life.
You hold me up in spirit and prayer
When troubles impose their strife.
You listen with an open heart,
You do not judge, but seek instead
To make me the best that I can be
And help me find where I’m being led.
You share in my joy and sorrow,
And you grant me the privilege and gift
Of sharing in your joy and sorrow, too—
Together we laugh and we lift.
Oh God, I thank you profoundly
For the gift, the joy and the treasure
Of friends who walk through life with me—
They are a blessing that know no measure.

By Dorothy Gettelfinger

(Dorothy Gettelfinger is a member of St. Mary-of-the-Knobs Parish in Floyd County.)

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