January 24, 2014

Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Archdiocesan schools continue to excel on standardized testing in Indiana

Archdiocesan schools continue to excel; click on the chart above to see a larger version.

Archdiocesan schools continue to excel; click on the chart above to see a larger version.

Criterion staff report

Archdiocesan schools continue to help students succeed at high levels, according to the most recent standardized testing in Indiana.

“The archdiocese prides itself on preparing today’s learner for tomorrow’s world,” said Mary McCoy, an assistant superintendent of Catholic schools for the archdiocese. “With a constant focus on Catholic identity immersed with our rigorous standards in all academic areas, our students continue to shine. Results on ISTEP+ 2013 are just one example.”

Students in grades 3 to 8 took the ISTEP+ in math and reading/language arts in the spring of 2013. Students in fourth and sixth grades also were tested in science, while fifth and seventh graders took the social studies test.

Schools use the testing results to help set improvement goals to enhance instruction, assessment and learning.

Data shown in the table to the right represents the passing percentage of each grade level in the tested content areas, followed by the total percentages for both the archdiocese and the state of Indiana.

ECA 2012 Results (End-of-Course Assessments)

Students in Catholic schools in the archdiocese exceeded the state passing rate in all areas of testing designed to measure end-of-course assessment.

All students enrolled in Algebra 1, English 10 or Biology 1 must pass the ISTEP+ end-of-course assessment to graduate from high school.

The chart below compares the success of students in archdiocesan schools to students in all schools in Indiana.

ECA 2012 Results (End-of-Course Assessments)

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