November 29, 2013

National Catholic Youth Conference 2013

Youths share the advice that guides their lives

By John Shaughnessy

A message board inside the theme park of the National Catholic Youth Conference offered the 23,000 participants an opportunity to add their thoughts to this theme, “How I Choose to Live Life at Its Best.”

The answers that the young Catholics from across the country wrote on brightly-colored, adhesive notes also offered an opportunity to view their visions and approaches to life.

Here are some of the thoughts that Catholic teenagers shared on the message board inside the Indiana Convention Center during the conference on Nov. 21-23.

“Be joyful.”

“Live your life. Never give up.”

“Love as Jesus has taught us.”

“Don’t worry. God has your back.”

“Allow someone to love you.”

“Forgive the mistakes made in the past.”

“Always be yourself.”

“Accept everyone for who they are.”

“Keep your friends close. They care about you.”

“Treat your body with respect.”

“Always laugh.”

“You are amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”

“Don’t worry about tomorrow. Do what is meant for today.”

“Love as God would love you.” †

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