September 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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African Mass glorifies God in a rich and enthusiastic fashion

If one ever gets the opportunity to attend an African Mass, it will be an experience you will never forget.

Sister Nina, a Nigerian sister of the order Daughters of Mary, Mother of Mercy, invited me to witness such an event on Sept. 7 at St. Bernadette Church in Indianapolis. The liturgy was part of the third annual conference of the National Association of African Catholics in the United States, which was held on Sept. 6-8 at St. Bernadette Retreat Center.

I was intrigued by the colorful attire worn by the ladies, gentlemen and little ones; the charismatic music by the choirs incorporating piano, guitar and bongo drums to praise God in the most melodious manner; and the artistic dance of the young people gliding down the aisle full of smiles, grace and innocence glorifying God in the form of movement.

It was spiritually energizing to observe how the African culture from the Indianapolis area portrays their glory to God in such a rich and enthusiastic fashion.

- Cecelia Kiley | Indianapolis

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