September 6, 2013

What was in the news on Sept. 6, 1963?

The possibility of a Russian Orthodox meeting with the pope, and an admonition to women religious

Criterion logo from the 1960sBy Brandon A. Evans

This week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion.

Here are some of the items found in the Sept. 6, 1963, issue of The Criterion:

  • Join the apostolate now, Pope Paul appeals to laity
  • Negro prelates at Vatican II held sign of mission progress
  • Orthodox leaders seen willing to meet pope
    • “FRIBOURG, Switzerland—Bishop Francois Charriere of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg expressed his ‘firm belief’ here that a high representative of the Russian Orthodox Church would agree to meet with Pope Paul VI at the Vatican if a suitable occasion arose. … ‘My impression,’ he told newsmen, ‘is that the Russian Orthodox hierarchy frankly desires an improvement in relations with the Catholic Church, and that, contrary to what has occurred in the past, it is ardently supported in this wish by the Russian Christian people.’ ”
  • See greater U.S. voice at council
  • Meet needs of world, archbishop urges nuns
    • “CINCINNATI—Archbishop Karl J. Alter of Cincinnati has urged nuns to ‘review your purposes and methods’ and to ‘set aside traditions and customs that are out of touch with the world of which we are a part.’ … ‘Undoubtedly you have found there are certain practices which need review,’ the archbishop said. ‘If you find some that are obsolete and no longer being practiced, take them out of your rules. … We should be concerned with the building more than with the scaffolding.’ ”
  • Bares details of meeting of Pope John, Adzhubei
  • Oldenburg novitiate construction begun
    • “OLDENBURG, Ind.—Construction has begun here on a new, $1 million Novitiate for the Sisters of St. Francis. The three-story structure will accommodate 150 novices. … The 890-member Franciscan community has experienced more than a 50 percent gain in vocations in the past five years. Twenty-one candidates will enter the Postulate this month, while an additional 18 are expected to enter in February.”
  • Calls ‘universal love’ fruit of living liturgy
  • Lay leader advocates updated Church view
  • Cardinal blesses Byzantine chapel at Fatima shrine
  • Closed TV to cover council for pope
  • No early freedom seen for Hungarian primate
  • Laud ND leadership in radiation research
  • Orders closing of bombed school
  • Family’s mission role in society stressed
  • Be present in world or lose it, nuns told
  • Chicago cardinal given council post
  • Suggestion for youth: Urges ‘tithe’ of time for volunteer service
  • Suggest expanded use of Scripture in Mass
  • Lag in vocations called challenge to Catholic laity
  • Volume details Roman Rota cases
  • ‘Sounds of Vatican’ preserved on records
  • Prelate tells feelings during papal conclave
  • Pope sends peace plea to Vietnam
  • Calls mathematics ‘essential tool’
  • Bill to substitute anthem is vetoed
  • ‘Pseudo-conservatives’ seen counter to Church
  • Church played vital role in World Council session
  • Sees serious threat in ‘right-to-work’

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