August 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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Pray for archbishop, priests who guide us along the path to salvation

As I reflect on the many spiritual blessings we enjoy as members of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, I would like to urge all Catholics to pray daily for Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin and the many holy priests of our archdiocese who valiantly labor to guide their flocks along the path to salvation.

Burdened with extraordinarily heavy workloads, our priests continue to emphasize the truth of the Church’s teachings—often in the face of much resistance and hard heartedness on the part of us Catholics.

I feel that sometimes we aren’t all that unlike the “stiff necked people” who so grieved Moses in the desert. Too many of us—myself included—seem to have developed an unwarranted sense of self-reliance and entitlement to the detriment of the spiritual development our priests are trying so hard to encourage.

It must take a truly exaggerated sense of self-importance and wisdom to argue that certain of the Church’s teachings can be ignored or reinterpreted to suit one’s personal moral situation.

Unfortunately, far too many of our “Catholic” political leaders have lent credence to that blatant falsehood!

Humble acceptance of God’s will and Church teaching is clearly necessary for our salvation. I thank our many dedicated priests who struggle to point us in that direction.

- Dr. David A. Nealy | Greenwood

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