August 9, 2013


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BAUMANN, Anthony W., 70, St. Joseph, Clark County, July 26. Husband of Mary Lou Baumann. Father of Pat Lilly, Teresa Woodson, James and Robert Baumann. Brother of Alfred and Cletus Baumann. Grandfather of eight. Great-grandfather of 13.

BERGER, James O., 85, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 24. Father of Beth Dodds, Nina Eads, Barb Irwin, Linda King, Joe, Marty and Mike Berger. Brother of Margaret Holler, Mary Keller and William Berger. Grandfather of 22. Great-grandfather of 20.

BIRD, Dorothy R., 93, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 25. Mother of Marilyn and Kent Bird. Sister of Joanne Birkey and John Hierholzer. Grandmother of three.

BOYD, Daniel L., M.D., 82, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 25. Brother of Leah Jones-Brose, Daniel and Steve Jones.

BRANDAU, Louise A., 77, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, July 22. Wife of Gerald F. Brandau. Aunt of several.

CLARK, Joseph, 86, St. Andrew, Richmond, July 29. Father of Diane McEwen, Daniel, Michael and Samuel Clark. Brother of Tom and William Clark. Grandfather of 10. Great-grandfather of two.

DIMANTS, Monika, 78, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 18. Sister of one.

FULNER, Marie, 86, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, July 20. Mother of Mary Ann Arms, Jane Cromwell, Nancy Draper, and Terri White. Sister of Norbert Schulz. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of three.

GEISS, Estelyn Lois, 96, St. Bernadette, Indianapolis, July 9. Mother of Linda Hendrickson, Martha John, Emma Mason, Frank and William Geiss. Grandmother of 16. Great-grandmother of 33. Great-great-grandmother of seven.

HALL, Jeanette Marie, 65, St. Joseph, Clark County, July 31. Mother of Dottie VanNote, Roxanne Hall and Brian Taylor. Sister of Dora Bir, Jerri Lyle, Mary Mayfield, Margie Plummer, Christopher and Tony Hall. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of one.

HARDEBECK, Elsie M., 88, Immaculate Conception, Millhousen, July 28. Wife of Irvin Hardebeck. Mother of Patrick and Phillip Hardebeck. Sister of Arlene Feldman, Thelma Harpring, Dan and Tom Lecher. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of two.

HARPRING, Benno, 81, St. Mary, Rushville, July 24. Husband of Antoinette Harpring. Father of Diane Gordon, Frank, Mark and Steve Harpring. Brother of Helen Navarra and Norbert Harpring. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of three.

KILLIGREW, David Joseph, 21, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Indianapolis, July 18. Son of Robert and Catherine Killigrew. Brother of Amy, Melissa and Brian Killigrew.

KINNEVEY, Phyllis June, 81, St. Mary, Richmond, July 25. Mother of Cynthia Moore, Mary Kinnevey and Gary Johnson. Sister of Ronald Story. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of 12.

LEONARD, Herman, 81, St. Matthew the Apostle, Indianapolis, July 25. Husband of Suzanne (Kirby) Leonard. Father of Carol Blankman, Sue Glaze, Jeanne Hutcherson, Bob, Dan, Dave, Ken, Pat, Steve and Ted Leonard. Brother of Ann Huser and Mike Leonard. Grandfather of 27.

LOIDOLT, Melvin, 84, St. Andrew the Apostle, Indianapolis, June 10. Husband of Kathryn Loidolt. Father of Kim, Jon and Marcus Loidolt. Grandfather of two.

MILLER, Patsy Louise (Ragsdale), 86, St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington, July 20. Mother of Sally Ragsdale. Stepmother of Susan Corbin, Kathryn Lawson and Jonathon Miller. Grandmother of one.

NUFRIO, Geraldine, 80, St. Mary, Richmond, July 26. Mother of Nancy Baker and Paula Elicker. Grandmother of two. Great-grandmother of one.

OBERMEIER, Herbert George, 85, St. Boniface, Fulda, July 18. Father of Vickie Brzezinski, Gina Glynn, Fred and Rick Obermeier. Grandfather of eight. Great-grandfather of five.

PETROSKY, Wanda Sophia, 92, St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington, July 23. Mother of Cathy Sackmann and Evelyn Sawhill. Sister of Raymond Puchyr.

SCHAFER, John C., 77, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, July 16. Husband of Connie Schafer. Father of Nancy Moore, Chuck, Dan and Tom Schafer. Brother of Mary Klinger, Bill and Larry Schafer. Grandfather of seven.

SMITH, Aaron, 88, St. Andrew, Richmond, July 24. Father of Sharon Bleill, Linda Cool, Cathy Johnson, Darly and Robert Smith. Brother of Barbara Fogle, Ada Hamilton and John Smith. Grandfather of 18. Great-grandfather of 20.

VETTER, Norma C., 81, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, July 20. Mother of Karen Johnson, Susan Wheatley and Mark Vetter. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of 10. †

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