July 26, 2013

My Journey to God

What Marriage Is

To the blushing bride in her beautiful gown,
To the groom in his tux refined,
To the couple headed off to a honeymoon town,
The picture of bliss defined:
As you enter the realm of married life,
I offer these enlightening words
That were given to me when I became a wife,
Though only in my mind were they heard.
It happened as the priest held the Eucharist high—
To my mind these words were endowed:
“Now we both sacrifice our lives—I
For the world, and you for your spouse.”
The Mass proceeded in the usual fashion—
There was no thunder, no light from above.
Just Jesus equating marriage with his passion,
Both as acts of sacrificial love.
So don’t listen to what society preaches—
“Your happiness is what marriage is about.”
Listen instead to what Jesus teaches:
Marriage is the sacrifice of self for one’s spouse.

By Natalie Hoefer

(Natalie Hoefer is a member of St. Monica Parish in Indianapolis and a reporter for The Criterion.)

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