May 10, 2013

New ‘One in Christ’ renewal program for married couples to be offered this fall

Based on the positive feedback that Father Thomas Aschenbrener of the Archdiocese of Chicago received for his “One in Christ” course for engaged couples, he wanted to create a tool to help married couples enhance their sacramental covenant as well.

One In Christ: A Spiritual Workout to Strengthen Your Marriage is a program and book written by Father Aschenbrener and Coleen Kelly Mast. The book and program are based on “Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan,” a pastoral letter of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

One in Christ (OIC) marriage renewal is touted as a “spiritual workout” intended to strengthen marriages and help couples come to a deeper understanding of their vocation in Christ.

The program is designed to be a home study supported by group meetings. It starts with a kickoff group meeting, followed by four monthly group sessions guided by an OIC-trained facilitator who has made a pledge of fidelity to the magesterium (teaching authority of the Church).

St. Luke the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis will host the first-ever OIC Marriage Renewal in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis this fall. The program is open to anyone in the archdiocese.

The dates for the fall sessions will be announced soon.

Married couples interested in learning more or participating in the upcoming OIC Marriage Renewal may contact Mark and Michelle Overholt at 317-495-1901 or †


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