April 5, 2013

My Journey to God

Divine Mercy’s Gift

Divine Mercy Sunday, great feast for our Church,
Reminding us sinners we need only to search
For mercy through Christ, and he will freely give
The forgiveness we need to eternally live.

Through St. Faustina he revealed how much he yearns
To give us his mercy; like a furnace he burns
In desire to give mercy to those who ask—
And how it hurts that so few trust him to the task.

Go to him, ask him—his mercy he’ll pour
In great abundance upon sinners trusting and poor!
In turn for this grace, he calls us to perform
Works of mercy in corporal and spiritual form.

This feast is a gift we are fools to ignore.
Come, let us venerate, give thanks and adore
Christ in his mercy and the graces he bestows
To us, who need mercy—and his mercy he’ll show.

By Natalie Hoefer

(Natalie Hoefer is a member of St. Monica Parish in Indianapolis and a reporter for The Criterion.)

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