February 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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Let us join together in prayer for true peace and conversion of our country

The article and editorial on gun control in the Jan. 25 issue of The Criterion were both encouraging and disappointing.

Daniel Conway’s comment in his editorial that the bishops call us “to fervent prayer, to change of heart and to the nonviolence of Jesus” was certainly encouraging.

The article concerning faith groups in support of gun controls was disappointing. Have we learned nothing of the duplicity of the Obama administration? We now have Obamacare and an immoral U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate.

The goals of most politicians are self-serving. The goals of Christian groups attempting to work with this administration are naïve. We must realize that the absence of war, or weapons, does not mean peace.

Peace is the ability of individuals to freely pursue their faith and the safety of their families—with or without weapons.

For Catholic groups to align themselves in the pursuit of goals established by politicians with hidden agendas will only lead to more unintended consequences.

When we lay down with them, we will surely rise up with fleas. Let us all join together in prayer for the true peace and the conversion of our country.

- Ken Shanabruch | Indianapolis

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