October 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor

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‘Father Mac’ left a legacy, and will be missed by many

Father J. Joseph McNally, known as “Father Mac,” left a legacy for so many.

I served Mass for him from 1977-80, and then became an usher. We had St. Columba, the old St. Bartholomew and the new St. Bartholomew parishes in Columbus.

Traveling to Indianapolis and visiting St. Barnabas Church every so often, it was fun to see him. I have family members at St. Barnabas Parish.

Father Mac always liked to hear a joke, and listen to what people had to say. It was always a good thing to know Father McNally was there.

At some of the funerals that he assisted with in Columbus, it would be good to hear a story from Father Mac—and an Irish blessing.

I gave him birthday gifts, and he loved that. At Knight of Columbus meetings, he would say how well Mr. Vondermulen and Mr. Baker did with the paper drive.

When1989 arrived, I knew Father McNally had to leave, but it was still important to see him every weekend.

When I had started my job at the factory or the bakery, I ran that paper drive.

He influenced many lives, and will be missed.

- J. Baker Jr. | Columbus

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