September 7, 2012

Letters to the Editor

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Reader appreciated presentation on political activity, conscience formation

“A Cup of Coffee with a Dose of Conscience” was presented at St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Indianapolis on Aug. 18.

The facilitators were Eric Slaughter and Kevin Schemenauer, assistant professor of theology at Marian University in Indianapolis. Schemenauer gave an introduction to the U.S. bishops’ “Forming Consciences For Faithful Citizenship.”

I wish to express my thanks to the members of the parish’s Pro-Life Committee and congratulate the archdiocesan Office for Pro-Life Ministry for this endeavor to inform and educate the parishioners about the importance of having an informed conscience and knowing the teaching of the Church in regard to the public debate.

The only disappointing aspect of the event was that more parishioners could not have benefited as it was conversational, informative and extremely important at this time.

Those attending were all of the opinion that we are all called to do something in our own personal, private and public lives. As “faithful” Catholic citizens, we must address the six major concerns discussed in the document—abortion, religious freedom, traditional marriage, immigration reform, fighting poverty and ending war.

What is your understanding of these six moral issues? How will they influence your political activity? How can you introduce these six moral issues to your family, friends and parish community?

Hopefully, we will have another opportunity to present this important and pertinent subject matter to the parish. In the meantime, please learn more about these issues at

- Peggy Geis | Indianapolis

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