June 8, 2012

Letters to the Editor

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Marian University produces great students, athletes and future leaders

In the May 18 issue of The Criterion, I saw a wonderful article with the headline “Seminarian is a member of Clericus Cup championship team” written by reporter Sean Gallagher, a member of the Marian College Class of 1993.

I also noticed that the seminarian featured in the article was Martin Rodriquez, a member of the Marian College Class of 2008 and graduate of the Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary, both in Indianapolis.

The article about Rodriquez was very well-written, and I am happy to see another Marian University graduate succeeding in whatever he or she chooses to do. It gives me hope that I will do the same.

Even more, as a Catholic and soccer player, it is wonderful to hear of Rodriquez’s success on and off the soccer field.

Beneath the article about Rodriquez, I was pleased to see an advertisement for Marian University that mentions the Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary.

It makes me proud to know that Marian University prepares great athletes, great students and great future leaders for our Church.

- Colleen Diemer | Indianapolis, Marian University, Class of 2014

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