March 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from two weeks ago:

At the end of this battle, people of faith will win

As a Catholic and an avid sports fan, below is what I have found to be a helpful sports analogy that brings me peace in the face of a seemingly relentless attack on Christ and his holy Catholic Church by the current federal government administration, much of the news media and an increasingly secular society.

Our current situation as faithful members of the Church is much like watching a taped sports event, a championship game, in which your favorite team is playing. You haven't seen the game yet, but you already know the good news—your team won!

Still, as you watch the video of the game, you are frustrated with the boneheaded mistakes of some of your team's players—like Catholics that don't embrace Church teachings and instead create their own customized magisterium.

You are frustrated that the officials are making some terrible calls in favor of the other team—like some of our current government officials—and you are frustrated that the TV commentators are being blatantly biased in favor of the other team, like much of the current news media.

But despite all of these frustrations, there is a great comfort in knowing that at the end of the game, we still win!

- Doug Petroff | Indianapolis

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