January 27, 2012

2012 Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Staff member gives thanks for an invaluable gift of faith

By Katie Buck

There are two things that come to mind when I reflect on the joys of working at a Catholic school.

One is the first all-school Mass I attended with the student body. Even though I was excited about my new job at St. Malachy School in Brownsburg, I was also feeling anxious because it required some sacrifices from me and my family. That first Mass gave me such a sense of peace and gratitude.

The second memory that comes to mind is from this past Advent. I was shelving books and listening to a class of first-graders work on their computer lesson. Mrs. Wagoner had asked the class to brainstorm Christmas words. Our students’ answers made me laugh and also touched my heart: “Jesus! Santa! Bethlehem! Presents! Angels!”

Listening to the class compile this list, with words about Jesus and the Nativity coming as naturally as words about Christmas trees and presents, made me so proud to work at St. Malachy School. The truth of our Catholic faith is shared and reinforced each day, and that is an invaluable gift.

(Katie Buck works in the library at St. Malachy School in Brownsburg.)

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