October 14, 2011

What was in the news on Oct. 13, 1961? Mixed neighborhoods, a Rosary Crusade, the Reds’ biggest fear and the continuing battle of the sexes

By Brandon A. Evans

50 Year LogoThis week, we continue to examine what was going on in the Church and the world 50 years ago as seen through the pages of The Criterion, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Here are some of the items found in the October 13, 1961, issue of The Criterion:

  • Fresh wave of persecution faces Catholics in Hungary
  • ‘It can be done’: Won’t leave mixed neighborhood
    • “CINCINNATI—When Jim and Evelyn Byrne moved into suburban North Avondale four years ago, some of their friends raised their eyebrows. ‘How come you moved into a Jewish neighborhood?’ they asked. Since last spring, however, the next-door neighbors of the Byrne family on both sides have been Negro families. Now the question has changed to: ‘Do you mean you’re really staying there?’ ‘Why not?’ retorts Byrne, a tall, rangy young salesman. ‘If people only would stop to realize that Negroes are people like anybody else,’ says his wife.”
  • Though the wall: Finds life in E. Germany oppressive to believers
  • Request use of English in the Mass
  • North Vernon parish to observe centennial
  • Use of vernacular granted to Poland
  • Half million attend ‘Rosary Crusade’
    • “SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—What was described as the ‘largest religious gathering ever to take place in the United States’—a throng of more than 500,000 persons—jammed San Francisco’s Gold Gate Park for a rally of the Family Rosary Crusade.”
  • Praises good will of non-Catholics
  • Exclusive interview: Sen. Morse defends his school aid stand
  • Labor backs Kennedy on school aid issue
  • Awakened Christendom called Reds’ biggest fear
    • “EVANSTON, Ill.—Communists the world over fear that the followers of Christ will wake up in time to dedicate themselves to solving world problems, Father James Keller, M.M., director of the Christophers, said here. ‘Once that happens,’ the priest said, ‘the march of communism across the globe will falter and fail. But not till then!’ While there should be reasonable efforts to check subversion, he declared in a special talk sponsored by the Guild of St. Athanasius parish [Oct. 8] that Catholics should pay far more attention to bring the principles of Christ to bear on the basic needs of our day.”
  • Family Clinic: The battle of the sexes will never be settled
  • Year’s sacrifices by laity bring mission windfall
  • Feel free to criticize, Delegate tells the laity
  • Seek change in laws on immigration
  • Avoid backing extremists, Catholic press advised
  • 4,000 Third Order members attend interracial rally
  • Reject priest’s offer to teach Bible course
  • Canadian laymen plan publication

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