July 1, 2011

My Journey to God

Positive Thoughts of Death

Death is a given.
Such a fleeting thought when life
thrives, then reality.

Death coming in youth
causes us to question why,
hard to accept, understand.

Eternal life with God
not measured by hours or days
but everlasting.

Death can be sudden.
A life so dear is taken
from us and this Earth.

Let us remember
God is good, merciful, love.
He wants us happy.

Sometimes death is slow
delivering pain, sorrow and
feelings of despair.

These are temporary.
God promises joyfulness,
fulfillment with Him.

So fear not our death.
It releases our body,
our soul eternal.

By Linda Collingham

(Linda Collingham is a member of St. Michael Parish in Greenfield. She enjoys writing poetry in the form of a Japanese haiku.)

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