April 29, 2011

Special education grants bill to become law

House Bill 1341, the special education grants bill, passed the Senate by a 43-6 vote.

Authored by Rep. Bob Behning, R-Indianapolis, the bill requires that state funds allocated to benefit students with special needs enrolled in non-public schools be used to provide services for them.

State law will mirror federal law that requires a proportional amount of the funds generated by students in non-public schools be used to provide services for them.

“The reason behind the special education grants bill is to give parents the opportunity to choose the best education for their children,” Behning said. “It allows special-needs children to get the special services they need in the schools that their parents choose. Those children will get their proportional share of dollars that they generate because they have been identified as needing special education and the dollars follow the student.”

Since the Senate passed the House version of the bill without making changes, House Bill 1341 goes to Gov. Mitch Daniels for his signature.

“This is a major victory for many Catholic school students and parents,” said Glenn Tebbe, the ICC executive director. “Students in non-public schools will have more opportunity to receive the special education assistance they need.” †


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