March 11, 2011

My Journey to God

The Presence of God

Gentle the touch, quiet the heart
awakening in me wonder,
stirring in me awe,
drawing me to beauty,
enveloping me in love.

Urgent the call, persistent the voice
inviting me to risk,
challenging me to grow,
compelling me to seek,
beckoning me to stillness.

Loving the words, tender the embrace
wrapping me in silence,
lifting me to freedom,
moving me in grace,
kindling in me passion.

Strong the hands, constant the gaze
unsettling me from complacency,
uprooting me from stagnation,
transplanting me ‘midst life,
nurturing me into wholeness.

By Sister Susan Marie Lindstrom, O.S.B.

(Benedictine Sister Susan Marie Lindstrom is a member of Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Beech Grove.)

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