March 4, 2011

My Journey to God


What would you do
if you were hungry
and had no food to eat …
What would you do
if you were cold
and living on the streets …
What would you do
if you were afraid
and had nothing to call your own …
What would you do?
That’s a question to ask
those scared and all alone.
You are called
to help those in need,
but first you must open your heart.
God will show you how to assist,
and Lent is a good time to start.
Compassion and caring will help you begin
to know what it is you should do.
The answers lie within each of us.
So tell me,
what will you do?
Let’s Encounter Needs Together.

By Gayle Schrank

(Gayle Schrank is a member of St. Mary Parish in Navilleton.)

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