January 21, 2011

My Journey to God

Looking for God in Other Places

The Winter Elm

Oh stately elm in all your winter nakedness,
How God has deemed to sanctify and greatly bless
Your countenance, with myriad branches straining toward the sky.
What is my place in God’s unfolding master plan,
I who am of his ultimate creation, man?
What paradox, for just two arms to lift to him in praise have I!

The Bird Feeder

God shows Himself to me this morn, behold, behold!
He is not clad in regal robes of finest gold,
no scepter in his hand, no shining jeweled crown.
His robes are blue and red and grey and black and brown.
He is the dove, the cardinal, the finch, the jay
who come to feast upon my offerings each day.
I see him in the place prepared in maple tree.
I know him in the place he has prepared in me.

By Glenna Hoog

(Glenna Hoog is a member of St. Peter Parish in Franklin County.)

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