July 30, 2010

My Journey to God

A Lectio Reflection

Just when I thought I knew You, God,
that image turned to dust,
And floundering, I sought You out.
“My child,” You told me, “trust.”

And when I thought I had a sense
of self, but lost that, too,
once again I heard Your voice,
“To what I made be true.”

I strained to quiet down inside,
Your wisdom-words to hear,
yet thoughts and worries weighed me down.
“My child,” You said, “don’t fear.”

So to You, God, I brought myself,
my weaknesses, my cares,
and sat there basking in Your love.
“My child,” You said, “I’m there.”

Distracted though I find myself,
deep down I seek Your face,
and come before You faithfully.
“My child,” You said, “that’s grace.”

By Sister Susan Marie Lindstrom, O.S.B.

(Benedictine Sister Susan Marie Lindstrom is a member of Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Beech Grove. She teaches religion, chairs the religion department and serves as co-sponsor of the senior class at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis.)

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