July 2, 2010

Letters to the Editor

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Our faith calls us to live with creation in compassion, reverence and love

I enjoyed Father Peter Daly’s column “Unexpected guests remind us that we share this planet with other creatures” in the June 25th issue of The Criterion. Through his robins’ story, he encourages us to cherish creation.

God gives us this Earth as a precious gift to cherish and nurture. And God is present in all of creation. What a wonder this is.

Our faith calls us to respect all creation, and live with creation in compassion, reverence and love.

Pope John John Paul II’s message for the World Day of Peace celebrated on Jan. 1, 1990, titled “The Ecological Crisis: A Common Responsibility,” stated that a lack of respect for nature is a threat to world peace.

The poor are especially victims when the Earth is ravaged. Usually, they are the first victims of environmental damage. When we cherish our environment and our surroundings, we cherish God, his people and his creatures.

Father Daly’s column on the family of robins says all the above through a simple story.

- Ron Stegman, Guilford


If federal government had done its job, we wouldn’t have current immigration problem

I just read “The Bottom Line” column by Antoinette Bosco in the June 11 issue of The Criterion, and feel compelled to comment.

My parents also came to America as “legal” immigrants. They did not break any laws to get here or stay here. They also suffered many hardships, and were honest and hardworking.

I started school not able to speak English, but learned the language of this country. My parents did not expect a special teacher that spoke their language.

The law that Arizona is enforcing is actually already a law of America. If the federal government had done a better job of enforcing the law, we wouldn’t have the present problem.

We have many “legal” brothers and sisters in dire need. There is a limit to our resources. That’s why Arizona’s governor signed this bill—the financial drain.

It is so unfair to say that the Arizona police are “racial profiling.” They are just doing their job!

I was taught to obey God’s laws, and to obey the laws “that are Caesars” as the Bible says.

- Claire Bator, Indianapolis

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