February 26, 2010

Letters to the Editor

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Prayerfully seek God’s guidance in all of life’s challenges

Regarding the article in the Feb. 12 issue of The Criterion in which Cardinal Francis E. George denounced New Ways Ministry, I feel moved to say something.

Is there a right or wrong side in this battle? Cardinal George seems quite concerned that others will see the views and actions of New Ways Ministry as not authentically Catholic.

New Ways Ministry, while no doubt doing much good, is determined to continue to perform the ministry that they feel called to regardless of what Church authority thinks.

The shots have been fired. Who will win the battle? Should we really care?

I am not an authority on Church law. I know several gay people, and am trying to get past the point where I even need to label people.

Whether it be gay people, illegal immigrants, the poor or the rich, all Catholics are called by God to minister to their needs. Jesus seemed to spend a lot of time with the marginalized, the tax collectors, the poor, lepers, etc.

Often through history, people have knocked heads with Church authority. St. Joan of Arc comes to mind. I am certain that there is common ground to be found as long as both sides prayerfully seek God’s guidance.

Me? Obviously, I have given the matter some thought, but I refuse to take sides.

The Lenten season is a good time for us to give of ourselves. Let us pray that, in Jesus’ name, all Catholics will seek first to serve God’s call.

To do that, we must pray daily and often. We may be called to step out of our comfort zone or perhaps to step on some toes in doing God’s will.

We must be willing to pay the consequences. Jesus did.

- Keith Byerley, Georgetown

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