December 18, 2009

Christmas memories

Tree mishap leads to magic of Christmas season

By Mary C. Vinci (Special to The Criterion)

On this particular holiday season, I found a beautiful Christmas tree—a 6-foot-tall blue spruce.

It was early morning and, with all the day’s chores, I was exhausted so I placed the tree on the back porch.

The next morning, after clearing and cleaning, I brought the tree inside and placed it in an alcove of the living room. Then I went upstairs to get the ornaments and lights.

After carrying them downstairs, I walked into the living room and could not believe my eyes. All of the needles had fallen off, and covered the floor at the base of the tree.

What a disappointment!

The thought occurred to me that it was time to buy an artificial, green Christmas tree after many years of having real trees.

I traveled to Fountain Square and selected a beautiful artificial tree.

With all the ornaments and lights, the new tree was a sight to behold.

The artificial tree did not have the aroma and smell of cedar, but at least I did not have to worry about the needles falling off of it.

That year was one of many holiday seasons I remember which brought the magic of Christmas.

(Mary C. Vinci is a member of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Indianapolis.)

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